Viroonwart Viroonpoj

Maddox’s Friend–The Wellness Center for Your Furry Friend

Project Statement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand and number of the pet industry are continuous grow more than 400% especially the prices of animals including Thailand following the trend of pet parenting and animal as influencers on the social networks leading to the rising of pet-friendly public spaces, attraction, and accommodations with the premium service quality around Bangkok area. According to the data of 2021, there are more than 2 million dogs residing in the Bangkok area including the increase of stray dogs at 100,000 which also continuously rising because of the economic and financial circumstances. Therefore, Maddox’s Friend is not only the pet-friendly training center for dogs impacting the therapy dog training in a society, but it is also a social enterprise organization that broadens the awareness of dogs as auxiliary aids which positively impact their parents and himself/ herself with the decrease the number of stray dogs by participation from prisoners as a dog trainer conducted by design thinking methods separating into 3 major departments; the dog training center, the stray dog adoption campaign, and the volunteer community.

Maddox’s Friend – The full-service obedience training center including the therapy dog training certified and partnered by Therapy Dog Association Switzerland in huge outdoor and indoor hygiene and pet-friendly space. The priority of this service is listening to parents’ pain points and concerns with the analysis of dogs’ behavior for the best results by dog specialists and trainers. On the other hand, Maddox’s Friend is also available for novel partners and training dogs as physical assistance animals in the further step.

Friends of Maddox – The training course between prisoners as inmate handlers on weekdays. The training courses have the quality and process of learning at the training center but the session will conduct in prison between a healthy stray puppy, good behavior prisoner, and dog trainers. On the weekend, the certified therapy dog from Friends of Maddox will practice at the volunteer club or any individual requirements. Moreover, after the training process, the organization also available the therapy dog adoption service at an affordable price to a suitable owner according to their needs and profile respectively.

Maddox’s Club – The volunteer community to deliver mental therapy services to the partnership institutions around Bangkok such as mental hospitals, people with disability, senior daycares, the educational institutions, etc. by Maddox’s members who certified by the organization conducted by Maddox’s staff and dog trainer. Henceforth, there is also an alternative way to express the proposes of Maddox to people in the community followed by the growth of internal connections between parents and practicing for their dogs.


Viroonwart Viroonpoj

Viroonwart finished her bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations (English Program) at Thammasat University in December 2020. After graduation, she discovered her interests in User Experience and Service Design. As a self-taught person, she mainly focuses on understanding user needs with empathy in order to develop the product or service aligning with user satisfaction. Her dream is to create a sustainable solution supporting the lives of people with disability and seniors.

Co-op track student, industry placement with Appsynth