Tin Siridet

Carground: Integrated Carpark Monitoring Platform

Project Statement

Carground is designed to reduce the time for finding a parking spot and help all drivers to decide the best location for parking their car. The goal of this project is to create an integrated platform with three key devices: Cartrack, Carground, and Cartag.

Firstly, Cartrack is a car tracking device placed above the parking spot in order to measure the car density in each parking location. By collecting these data, the platform will be able to generate traffic trends and provide real-time car numbers.

Secondly, Carground’s mobile application will display the list of parking locations including parking information. With the data from Cartrack, this application will calculate the traffic flow of each parking location in real-time and allow the drivers to consider their parking choice.

Lastly, Cartag is a portable device locating the drivers’ car location and utilizing it as a parking timer. While the drivers enter the parking lot, the gate sensor will automatically synchronize with the device in order to track the parking time. The users can also connect with the Carground application to add a cashless payment feature without having to pay cash at the exit gate.

Project Process

This project adopts the UK Design Council’s double diamond process as a primary framework. By dividing into four phases: discover, define, develop and deliver, the project is scheduled to be completed each phase biweekly.

Discover: Secondary Research; Statistic of Thais’ average time spent in peak congested traffic (INRIX); Bangkok drivers spent an average of 67 hours lost in the peak congested traffic.

Statistic of the total vehicle registered in Bangkok (DLT): 10,856,158 is a grand total of vehicles registered in Bangkok. Statistic of the pollution source in Asia: 80 percent of air pollution in Asia was caused by road transportation.

Primary Research: Interview with Aey (Thanatseth) Howattanapan (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Viabus Co-founder). Interview with Assoc. Prof. Panit Pujinda (Head of Urban Planning Department, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Online Survey: 114 Respondents replied 12 questions with 10 required questions. Interview with 2 Targeted Personas. User 1: Raphadson Saraputtised (Hong). User 2: Papon Ruchirawat (Saint).


  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Service Design Blueprint


  • Design System
  • Low-fidelity Design
  • High-fidelity Design


  • App Prototype in Figma
  • Mockup Deliverables
  • Conclusion

With all things considered, this project delivers the execution as an app prototype design formulated by heavily researching and analyzing processes. For further planning, we aim to propose the idea for business investors or government agencies to fund the project and to develop it into a real platform. 


Tin Siridet

Tin is a multidisciplinary person who believes that creativity and innovation can be used to solve wicked problems in business and society. As a strategic-oriented person, his key attribute focuses on ‘connecting the dots’ by adopting integrated knowledge from his past internship experiences as a creative copywriter, a digital strategist, and a UX designer. His future goal is to create a new way of creative communication through innovative tools.

 Co-op track student, industry placement with Appsynth