Suang Pakanun

Marine Ecology Information Service

Project Statement

Currently, Thailand coral reef areas are experiencing damage with unhealthy coral reefs expanding at an alarming rate in Thailand has increased from 30% to 77% in just one decade. Firstly, the degeneration of corals is a result of man-made pollution, especially the influx of tourists who unconscious destroyed environment. Over the past two or three years, Thailand has had no problems about coral bleaching, but the degeneration has continued. Besides, insufficient information marine biologist and conversation to collect the data based for research and further authorities. However, there are a few foundations and clubs along with scuba diver community initiatives provide information about dive site and concerning location and instruction for diver.

This project is intended to create an integrated information platform corporate with local community to provide efficient information about ocean activities and marine life. To maintain and recover marine species and environment with effective and sustainability solutions also supporting marine data-based collection for biology research and conversation. Beginning with mobile application for diver to explore dive site information with are specific requirements and instructions such as local fishing equipment areas, shore closing area, or local species. Local dive shop and boat rental connection to create local circular economy and support local careers. Adding dive logs and data-sharing to improve conservation efforts and understanding of marine biology, dive log will present information about location, time, and depth combine with upload media to data-based tracking.

Research Questions

  • What: Service platform for marine ecology information service
  • Where: Begin with Thailand ocean community
  • When: Now or never
  • Why: Environment and marine eco system decaying
  • How: Distribute information and restore environment

Research Methods

  • Literature review: gather and collected information
  • Case study: to referral adapt and develop in project contexts
  • Interview, focus group: empathise and understand user insights
  • Specialist interview: insight information
  • On-site research: gathering specific information and project experience validation
  • Survey: evaluate statistic from mass number of users, find common intersect obstacle in project problems

Expected Significance of Project

This project aims to empower an action-oriented conservationists with right and accessible knowledge and information about marine biology and community cultural for water sport activities participants. Also supporting local community to circular economy and careers, also areas cultural. Moreover, supporting marine environment preserve, protect and restore the coral reef ecosystems.


Suang Pakanun

Hello. My name is Suang Pakanun Luppayaporn A Multidisciplinary communication designer keen on user experience and service design with creativities and organising skills that enhance me to deliver finest quality outcome to serve user experiences. Plus my personal strength is managing skills, organising, and hierarchy the tasks, with creative and systematic thinking.

Co-op track student, industry placement with OOZOU