Pavisa Sethabutra

Velala เวฬาลา

Project Statement

Velala / เวฬาลา is an online tool for an alternative and modern funeral service. It aims to support a group of people who are in need of after-death guidance and funeral cost management with accurate, trustworthy, and free online resources that are accessible anywhere, anytime.

COVID-19 has greatly disrupted, as well as has shed light onto the death care industry, death-related businesses, and likewise the bereaved family’s first-time encountering funeral management, particularly in the Bangkok Metropolitan area. This year, Bangkok holds the highest single-day fatalities rate at 41% of national Covid-19 total deaths (Bangkok Post Online Reporters, 2021). Moreover, the fact that Thailand is approaching a ‘Complete aged society’ will certainly drive the demand for death care services in the upcoming year (Amattayakong, 2016). Some of the unfortunate households will fall into the undesirable situation: holding an expensive event of the Thai Buddhist ritual funeral in the new-normal phase (Srisuwan, 2014). 

This evidence inspired the idea of creating a helping tool to support the user’s pain point of 1) Being unable to find a complete instruction and guideline of funeral management, and 2) undergoing trouble with funeral cost management. These problems were identified from the interviews with users aged around 23-25, who live in the Bangkok area, despite the fact that they may have or have not experienced losing their loved ones and being a funeral host. The difficulty resulted in a disagreement on the funeral budget, uncontrollable funeral expenses, and confusion on the process between each family member or relatives.


Pavisa Sethabutra

Pavisa Sethabutra is a communication designer interested in UX Design, Branding and creative solutions that improve quality of life. She graduated from the Communication Design program, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Her works focus on the well-research, user-centered, and universal design that improves community and society. She aims to create a design that will alleviate problems while enhance the quality of life with pleasant visual.

Co-op track student, industry placement with OOZOU